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[Storenvy messaging issue]


It has come to my attention that Storenvy messaging system had not been working, and emails sent possibly a week or so back were not delivered to me until today.

If you have not received an email reply from me prior to this post, please message me on tumblr or note me on deviantart and I will be happy to sort everything out with you.

Every single order has been shipped a while back, it was very possible that you did not receive a confirmation email (but your order status would have been updated the moment I sent the package!).

[Convention] - Overload (New Zealand)

Hi! I’ll be participating at Overload on the 4th of October again this year, in New Zealand.

Table: E5 (Cymphony) shared table with my friend Pigeon.

[This year’s inventory] - (The picture posted here is also included but there are only about 5 left.)

[Alternatively, storenvy for overseas buyers]

I’ll also take sketch commissions on the spot provided I have the table space.;; Please bring a reference just in case.

We’ll be cosplaying Kageyama and Oikawa (from Haikyuu!!) at the event! See you there!

Feel free to contact me about anything else.


*Thanks everyone for the storenvy purchases! Everyone that had pre-ordered should have gotten or be getting their packages soon. I’ve seen lots of pictures tweeted to me already, thank you for your support and I’m happy to hear you enjoy the posters! >////<


Pssst, can you please draw more of that lil bird(crow?) kageyama like in your latest post? ;v; my heart melted when I saw it and I really love your art /)u///w///u(\

Asked By: kuro-no


aah thank you >///<

this is the only suggestion ill ever do i have a soft spot for cute little bouncy kageyam birds… i just want to pick one up and bounce it help